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Xbox Direct 4.1.19

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(Xbox One Startup Sound) Welcome to Xbox Direct! Up first… it’s the return of a beloved icon? The bear and bird are finally back. For the first time, experience their all-new adventure in high definition with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts HD releases later this year. Exclusively… on the PlayStation 4. Up next… It’s an all-new Conker game… Game on! It’s Conker’s Up- It’s Conker’s Pocket Tales. Finally bring the magic of the original Gameboy game home with the Xbox One X. S! XL! It’s a demo! It’s only the demo! Up next… Did someone say Dragon Time? : “Wonderful” (Scalebound) Dragonbound is canceled! Up next… Halo in Smash? That’s right Xbox fans…

Master Chief is finally coming to Smash! Duke it out alongside the Arbiter, when Super Smash Brothers Ultimate releases later this year Only on the PlayStation 4. And now, some exciting news for our Xbox Live Gold members… Xbox Live is now two hundred dollars! Coming next… Could it be? Nope! Halo 3. Coming to PlayStation 4! Up next… It’s… a commercial for Taco Bell… Game on! “♪ Taco tastes so huge ♪” “♪ original or soft ♪” “♪ But at 49 cents, they’ll soon be gone ♪” ♪ ’cause the deal is giant and it lasts so long.

♪ “♪ Better run for the bottom ♪” “♪ when you hear that bong. ♪” Thank you, Taco Bell. And remember to download the Burger King trilogy on Xbox Live this summer. Now… Let’s take a look at Halo Infinite… Thank you, Bungie, for that exciting look at Halo Infinite. I know I’m excited. Now… Get your chainsaws ready as we take a look into the world of Gears of War 5… (Gunshot) Halo Infinite is canceled! Up next… It’s an all-new franchise… Game on! Thank you for watching Xbox Direct Spring 2019.

I hope you’re looking forward to some of our games. Goodbye! (Xbox One Startup Sound) .

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