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The Galaxy Note 10 Secret Selfie Camera

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Now it’s not often that I shout out these concept style videos but this one got in front of me I was like you know what there’s some cool ideas in here that I would like to amplify I don’t know if these ideas are possible I don’t know if they’re in development I think this is just strictly a concept delivered by DBS design and it’s a concept for the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and creative ideas that could possibly be implemented in a device like the note 10 now as you can see in this video right here it’s got a crazy camera layout on the back four cameras I don’t think we’ll see that on the upcoming notes and it’s probably gonna be a triple camera setup similar to the s10 series but then again you have you know devices like the recent Huawei P 30 that’s a four camera set up on the back of quad camera array but this is more wishful thinking this is dreaming this is like the concept of the ultimate phone bezel lists screen to body ratio big battery powerhouse that’s what people are thinking when they’re thinking about the note series and in particular the next generation of it so keep the clip rolling here we’re gonna get to the good part that really caught my attention and I think it’ll also catch yours so obviously it’s gonna have to have wireless charging if it’s a galaxy device in the modern era in 2019 so this one showcases a similar feature now this is the part that caught my attention this is the reason I’m sharing this particular video because we’ll just pass it there for a minute we talked so much so many times about this idea of shrinking the bezel getting rid of notches getting as much display as possible onto the slab that is your smartphone now on the s10 s10 plus we saw this hole punch design for the very first time pushing the necessary cutout over into the corner of the screen I think it has a big part to play in the popularity of that particular device taking a different approach to that front facing camera but what if you could implement something like this particular concept in this case you have the selfie camera built into the s-pen so you just pop that open and you have a selfie camera now on this particular render this concept it actually has two lenses on it as well possibly a wide-angle and a portrait lens but imagine if not only you’ve got this front facing camera completely hidden in the silo where the pen goes but what if it also functioned as a standalone camera with wireless transmission to the main device while being held on its own now obviously that’s a very difficult thing to achieve from a technical standpoint the S Pen is this tiny little device can you even fit a sensor in there well that’s of course up to the engineers to try to achieve but that’s the beauty of a concept you could just ask for it you could just put it out into the universe you can dream a little bit and so that’s what’s happened here via DBS design put the selfie camera into the s-pen what does that do for you well you could have a remote shutter release right on the pen to take the image you can also hide it away so you’re not constantly staring at the lens in the form of a notch or even a hole punch the front of the display now gets completely opened up just for screen and if you’re a person like me who doesn’t use the front facing camera that frequently not such a big deal and I could see this being an issue for things like face unlock if you’re a big fan of face unlock are you really gonna pop the pen every time you want to unlock it definitely not now as cool as this is it seems just maybe too ambitious for a realistic product in 2019 I like to see the boundaries pushed but I just feel like implementing this thing at this moment right now with the limitations of Bluetooth information transmission you would need a wireless feed of the preview image that would have to be seamless is probably not gonna happen but a cool idea nonetheless and I thought something worth sharing so I got to give a shout out DBS design giving you a kind of peek at what could be in smartphones maybe not on the next generation but maybe at some point in the future assume the note series sticks around and depends specifically but just check that out if you could get this level of screen to body ratio you could have the best of both worlds because now the device that was originally gigantic the note series I mean it still would be big but definitely more pocketable because now you’re getting the screen dimension you’re looking for in a much smaller form factor no cut out no hole punch no notch that’s a cool concept

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