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Dr Subramanian Swamy: “Sanction to Prosecute Ms Sonia Gandhi …
It is charged that she obtained for, and colluded with family friend, Mr. Ottavio ….
This complaint against Sonia Gandhi also includes the corrupt monies held …

Indira Gandhi

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi government machinery and officials for party purposes The judge rejected more serious charges of bribery against her.

Dr. Subramainan Swamy levels 5 'Big' Corruption charges against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul GandhiDr. Subramainan Swamy levels 5 ‘Big’ Corruption charges against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
Video Courtesy: Facebook Fan page: Twitter: …

Corruption charge against Sonia Gandhi – Subramanian Swamy to move …
Dr. Subramanian Swamy, whose efforts had led to the exposure of the million dollar 2G scam, is now going to file a case in the Supreme Court against Congress supremo …

vineet-narain-crusade-against-corruptionVineet narain crusade against corruption
from truthaboutsoniagandhi, 1 year ago in News & Politics
Vineet Narain was first crusader against India corruption and in this shocking presentation he shows how the politicians from across cross section, judiciary and bureaucrats are hands in glove in looting of India

Sonia Gandhi slams Narendra Modi for making 'ulte sidhe' allegations against …
IBNLive, on Fri, 09 May 2014 08:59:19 -0700
Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Friday slammed BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for making 'ulte sidhe' allegations against her party and questioned the continuation of 'corrupt' ministers in his cabinet. "Nowadays, Narendra Modi is

India's Congress party refuses to accept resignations of Sonia
Congress party officials have sought to protect Sonia Gandhi, the 67-year-old party president, and Rahul, her 43-year-old son and vice-president, from blame for the defeat. Rahul, a Cambridge-educated former management …

The Congress, Indira to Sonia Gandhi
Vijay Sanghvi, published 2006, 324 pages

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