Skin Whitening Remedy is 100% Effective, You Will Be Shocked After First Use

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Today I will share with you an Ice cue Whitening Treatment. It will solve all the issues of your skin . It will help tanning, hyper pigmentation, saggy skin, acne , open pores & acne scars. This remedy has cure for all skin related issues.

We need four types of juices. Potato, Beetroot, Cucumber & Lemon We will Grate potato , cucumber and beetroot and then with the help of strainer we will extract its juice. We will simply squeeze lemon juice and extract its juice which will be used further in our remedy. First mixture will be made by mixing potato, cucumber and lemon juice. This mixture is a great remedy to close our open pores. It also causes instant whitening. exposure to sun tans our skin but also causes pimples, acne and skin infections as well. So our first remedy is cure for all these problems. we will take out this mixture in an ice tray and then freeze it. For next mixture we need lemon and turmeric powder.

Lemon has got vitamin c and turmeric powder also treats our acne and acne scars. and those who have acne and pimples they must use these ice cubes on their face. Then we will take beetroot juice and add lemon juice in it. people who want their skin to be glowing and pinkish. for them this remedy will be very effective. because it will turn your skin very bushy. Using these mixtures in the form of ice cubes also tightens your skin. and you will get rid of lose and saggy skin. for the last mixture we need lemon juice and we will add coffee powder into it. You can crush coffee beans or get coffee powder from the market. But you don’t have to use instant as it has sugar in it. This mixture will also remove your dark circles and you can apply it on your dark body parts as well.

you can apply it on your intimate areas as well. it is safe to use. Now we will freeze all the juices and then I will tell you application method. Rub these ice cubes in circular motion.  You will see the difference with just one use. Thee remedies are very effective. after using it you will also say that its one of the best remedy .


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