How to keep your kidneys healthy in 5 steps

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How to keep your kidneys healthy in 5 steps Did you know that being thirsty can seriously damage your kidneys? This how-to-keep-your-kidneys-healthy video will give you some advice to maintain the health of your kidney and of your whole body too. Either if you’re a kidney patient or just want to take care of yourself, it is fundamental to have an healthy lifestyle. Why it is so important to stay hydrated, limit salt and not to smoke? how to keep your kidneys healthy in 5 steps

step 1: keep your body well hydrated. The thing that has the biggest impact on the kidney is the lack of water in the body. If you’re already subscribed to this channel you may know that the main purpose of the kidney is filtering the toxins and waste products from the body. For doing this, it needs water. A lot of water. At least 8 glasses a day, preferably lightly mineralized or oligo mineral water. Drinking at regular intervals during the day is the best way not to get the kidneys calcified or congested.

Step 2 less salt is better The problem with salt is that it is not dangerous by itself, but it is present in the vast majority of foods we eat in a quantity that’s not healthy. The quantity of salt ingested by the typical American is enough to clog up the kidneys and increase the blood pressure. This is not the way to-keep-your-kidneys-healthy. Especially for kidney patients it is important not to ingest more than 1,500mg of sodium per day. In any case, it is better to stop using the salt shaker during lunch or dinner, avoid eating processed foods and thus start eating more fruit and vegetables. The best part about this is that once you start avoid salt your body will not want it anymore. Try and be surprised.

Step 3 blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous condition for the kidneys. It is in fact capable of damaging the vessels, including those within the kidneys that are responsible for the filtering capacity. If you suffer from kidney disease or impaired kidney function it is probable that your doctor already gave you a target blood pressure and that you’re constantly monitoring it. Usually we are talking about less than 140 over 90. Hypertension doesn’t have visible symptoms, and that’s why it is so important to check blood pressure regularly. If you still don’t have a blood pressure monitor buy one as soon as you can. This one is the best seller on amazon. It has an app for your phone, lot of accessories definitely worth a look at.

Step 4 Stop smoking. There are just two kinds of people at this world. Non smokers and those whose doctor already told to stop smoking at least 100 times. Joking aside, everybody knows that smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body. But how much damage can smoking regularly do to the kidneys? Well, a lot, according to latest researches. Smoking dissolves toxins in the bloodstream. Just like sodium excess, these toxins will damage the small blood vessels, including those in the kidneys. The result is that blood-flow in the kidney will decrease and thus the organ will get clogged up. Atherosclerosis is another result of smoking and will increase the pressure on the kidney too. Of the 480,000 death a year caused by smoking there’s a percent related to kidney failure. Deciding to stop smoking is one of the best thing you can do to your body.

step 5 a healthy mind in a healthy body Numerous studies have proven that even if you’re affected from serious illness visualization and meditation have the power of improving the overall health, wellness and well-being. For millennia ancient cultures around the world along with Hindu masters and medicine men have used meditation methods to take advantage of the energy of their thoughts to obtain physical manifestations.