How To Get Rid Of #Acne Permanently

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Hi guys,  i’ll be talking about various things from health fitness to motivating yourself and your family to have a happier lifestyle Today i’ll be telling you about how I got rid of my acne. I have been suffering from acne for more than six years. I paid enough for medication expensive branded product cleanser and facial wash you name it I tried everything it may stop it stopped for a short period of time and then I would have my acne again. It was really really stressful. There was time when I did not want to go out of the house because my skin was really bad and that really lower my self-esteem and confidence however not to worry today I will share with you what I have done different to my skin my routine in order to enjoy a healthy skin and acne free skin So stay tuned So to start with I will tell you three things that I avoid and three things that you should avoid from now stop straightaway first is stop touching scratching or picking on your skin on those spots with your fingers because obviously your fingers have bacteria and it will just those bacteria will just make your acne go worst its not gonna help.

Second thing stop spending money buying expensive product that contain strong chemical and alcohol because also that will you also irritate your acne and that spot will just spread you will see new one and painful one one coming all the time so just stop spending money on buying too expensive product before you buy put a check how much chemical how much alcohol it contains its very important. And the third thing third thing that I would tell you to avoid straightaway tried to wake is obvious you have to stop focusing on your diet diet and a healthy lifestyle is very important So straightaway forget about your chips fried food Stop all the fried food samosa fried chips fried burgers Just stop all the fried food chocolate fizzy drinks red meat this is one of the thing that I’ve cut down is the red meat and dairy product and fizzy drink I used to love my fizzy drinks so I have to sacrifice in order to healthy skin I had to change my diet.

These are the first three things Before I tell you the next point what I incurred in my diet what I started taking to really improve my skin I did change my lifestyle I started doing more sports jogging and swimming which I really enjoy also I did some mirror exercises its called mirror exercise you may have heard I would be whenever I am it could bey when I’m doing my makeup or brushing my teeth I used to get really upsetting my skin with all this painful spots which was only causing more stress within me so what I’ve done I started saying positive affirmation So for example looking at myself in the mirror I would say things like “day by day in every way I am improving my skin is improving” ” day by day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier” ” day by day in every way my skin is getting clearer and clearer” So things like this positive affirmations will help you to move to shift from this stressful moments of struggling with the acne to being at ease within your body and understand and believe that you will change and you will be able to improve your skin you just have to take it more bit more relaxed and not being stressed and think too negative about it Remember with the ZINC tablet is it’s very important to have a balanced diet.

You could obviously you could obviously improved your diet by include by introducing more ZINC natural zinc food But for me my acting was so bad that I had to take those supplement just to start with until my skin goes normal my skin was normal and then I reduced the tablet I would take it until now I still take my zinc tablet Its been over 10 months that I cured my acne with zinc And I still take my zinc tablet for the same 30 milligram but every other day If I don’t take my ZINC for example two or three days I would straight away see one big massive monster coming from on my chin chin or cheeks So the zinc is very important for me In order to have a balanced not to be over dosed with my zinc which I have to be very careful of I also take multivitamins once or twice a week just to have a balance and obviously pay attention what you eat and first three things I mentioned to you is important the third one is very important your diet so no fizzy drink no chocolate reduce the fried stuff that you eat red meat cut down the red meat and the dairy product so if you follow this routine and include the zinc and just be relaxed about your acne start saying those positive affirmations that I’ve tried because it makes me believe that yes I will get rid of my acne eventually and it did I am now enjoying a very clear skin with no bump because before even I would put makeup on I would have it was annoying to see how bumpy my face was when you applying foundation or cream he was very painful if you like my video please do comment like and subscribe and i’ll see you in my next video thank you Bye