Best Diet For Those With Gallstones

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We’re going to talk today about the best diet for people with gallstones. So, when you think about it, obviously the foods that you need to avoid are the foods that got you into this trouble in the first place. The foods you need to consume are the foods that get you out of this trouble and contribute to cleansing the biliary route-the liver and gallbladder. Again, I’ll read a little bit off my website. “Poor dietary habits, especially any fatty and fired foods, alcohol, and too much dairy foods like cheese, especially soft cheeses, full cream milk, refined sugars, starches, high protein foods, excess protein foods, food allergies, parasites, and long term use of birth control pills and a couch potato lifestyle all contribute to this in the first place.” When you think about it, gallstones are primarily cholesterol, so they’re formed from fat in the body. From junk. From rubbish. So people with a high triglyceride count � triglyceride is one of the components of cholesterol.

If your triglyceride count comes back high through diet and inactivity, it could mean that you’re a stone former. So, the foods you really want to keep away from, should talk about those first. As we mentioned in the previous video, it’s the high fat foods. Especially bad fats. Animal fats in general. This is going against the paleo diet completely. Paleo schmaleo. Forget about it. Try not to follow these kind of diets, all these rigid diet approaches. You need to be more flexible in your diet approach. When Dr. Atkins came along, or I call him Dr. Fatkins, it was all about meat and fat, no carbs. This was the prelude to the paleo way of thinking. Many people I saw years and years ago who were following the Atkins craze, particularly after the induction phase for two weeks where they went into ketogenesis. Again, this is why I’m not a fan of ketogenesis or the keto diets. They got constipation. They got bowel problems. They got bloated.

They got sick. They felt terrible. They’d come to me for unblocking, a bit like people who go to a plumber because their sink’s all blocked up and they want to pour stuff in it and unblock it all. Why? In some cases, so they could block it all back up again. In other cases because they’ve learnt what blocks it and they’re not going to block it in the future. These paleo approaches with high meat and high fat in my opinion are very unhealthy. Any diets which recommend “high this” or “high that,” you need to be careful of. You want to avoid if you’ve got gallstones or suspect you’ve got them, dairy products particularly.

Be very careful about dairy products. Be very careful about chocolate, animal fats, solid fats, even coconut fat can be a problem if you’ve got a gallstone problem. Think about the fats in your diet. Think about the sugars, the refined carbohydrates. Any diet high in lean proteins, fish (one of my favorites), eggs (not too bad, but not too many eggs), lamb (low fat lamb), not too much fat with it, chicken (organic, free range without the skin or the fat). These are healthy protein choices. Nuts (except peanuts and cashews, these are high fat nuts), seeds, many types of grains you can eat. It’s basically common sense again in the diet for a person whose got this. Some foods in particular I like are the bitter foods or the sour foods. Beetroots, artichokes, olives, olive oil, lemons especially. Capers. Lemons are particularly good for people who have a tendency for gallstones. Bitter things allow a cleansing to occur and also help to clean up the area called the sphincter of oddi.

It’s an odd name isn’t it. This is the little sphincter muscle that connects the duct of the gallbladder up to the small intestine. So, lemon juice tends to clean that sphincter area up. It gets it nice and tidy. It allows a proper expulsion of muck from the gallbladder. In a subsequent video, we’ll talk about the liver and gallbladder flush, but I think I’ve already done a video on liver cleansing and gallbladder cleansing. I might even alert you to have a look at that later on. The best diet for gallstone people, I think you know what I’m talking about. Cut the crap out of the diet. Cut the chocolate out, cut the high fat dairy out, cut the take away food, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, all these burger joints. All this sort of crappy food.

Soda drinks, high sugar drinks. These are all gallstone forming kind of foods. Think about that. That’s the best diet for a person with a gallstone problem.